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Compudex Fail Safe Business Transcription servicing a business company.

Compudex Transcription

Fail Safe Business Transcription

Compudex has been a leading provider of business transcription services on a national level for over 30 years. We pride ourselves on delivering consistent and accurate business transcripts on time, in a wide range of customer specified file formats, at extremely competitive prices. 

Our experienced and highly trained business transcriptionists can meet your needs for the following:

  • Speeches
  • Lectures
  • Teleconferences
  • Book Manuscripts
  • Meetings (board/quarterly/shareholders)
  • Roundtable Discussions
  • Interviews (one-on-one, group, etc.)
  • Symposiums
  • Advisory Board Meetings (medical, etc.)
  • Conferences
  • Brainstorming Sessions
  • Strategic Planning Sessions
  • Seminars
  • Market Research and Surveys
  • Policy Forums

Business Transcription

Save Time, Increase Productivity!

Compudex provides accurate business transcription services utilizing strict quality control procedures at every stage of the process. The value of partnering with Compudex for your transcription needs will substantially save you money. There is no need to pay for extra computers, software licenses, or other costly equipment or machines. You avoid lost productivity due to late or absent employees. Money spent on expensive employee and health benefits can be used for higher priority projects, which will allow you to focus on more pressing aspects of your business. In addition to accuracy, cost-effectiveness and speed, Compudex provides different hiring options that can be tailored to the type of professional service they need to use.

By using Compudex as your transcription service, you will save time, money, and increase productivity.

Business Transcription Services

For Insurance Companies, Police And Fire Departments

  • Recorded Interviews
  • Traffic Accident Reports
  • Fire Reports
  • Bugged Conversations
  • Recorded Statements
  • Wire Tapped Recordings

For Schools

Hire us for your overview of accreditation reports and other projects.

Fail Safe Transcription

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