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Our Mission

The Compudex mission is to provide quality transcription, word processing and author assistant services at competitive prices. We always put the client’s needs first and our aim is to be an extension of your office. Staying educated about the many changes within our industry is one of our guiding principles. “We Take Care of Business – Your Business.”

Compudex Transcription

30+ Years of Experience

Founded by Bernadette Coley in 1989, Compudex is one of the nation’s leading transcription service providers. At its inception, Compudex began offering medical transcription and word processing services. The creation of transcripts, flyers, letters, reports, manuscripts, and resumes would serve as a launch point for future offerings. Shortly thereafter, Compudex began receiving calls for other transcription services; and at that point, the company expanded its service offerings to include business, legal and academic transcription services.

Through a dedication to quality, integrity, and customer service, Compudex has grown from a small home-office operation to a full-service transcription company, becoming experts in transcribing a wide variety of areas such as focus groups, conference calls, lectures, sermons and speeches.

Today, Compudex serves well-known clients in numerous industries including health care, education, banking, telecommunications, defense and many others.

Man Performing Transcription Services
Photo of Bernadette Coley. Bernadette is the principal owner and founder of Compudex Fail Safe Transcription

Compudex Transcription

Bernadette Coley


Bernadette Coley is the principal owner and founder of Compudex, a full-service on-call, and on-demand support company. We provide medical, business and legal transcription, as well as word processing services to the federal government, large corporations and small businesses. Coley established her company in 1989. Today, Compudex has become one of the nation’s leading transcription and word processing services, offering support for all of your company’s administrative, staffing, clerical, digital document processing and office services.


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