Delegate to Compudex During Covid-19 Pandemic

Hello Business Owners: I trust you are all doing as well as can be expected with the restrictions imposed by the government because of the coronavirus. Many of you are now working from home and perhaps navigating that environment which is definitely different than an in-office work environment. [...]

Welcome to Compudex

Hello Everyone, I’m very excited about my very first blog post! I can’t wait to share valuable information about the medical, legal and business sectors. Transcription has taken so many twists and turns in the last decade, and I will be bringing this topic and others right to you. One topic I [...]

Transcription Tips

Wherever you are, greetings! Today I’d like to talk about ten (10) tips that you can do to help your transcriptionist provide a more complete and accurate transcript. Test your equipment or device to make sure it is operating properly. Dictate in a quiet environment. Give special instructions [...]


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