Delivering quality transcription and word processing services. We work in multiple areas, from medical to legal to author dictations and more, providing the same high level of quality work that our clients need for their projects.       

Fail Safe Medical Transcription

Compudex is an expert in medical transcription and we strictly adhear to HIPAA compliance laws for all incoming and outgoing transcription communications. Our medical transcriptionists have a conceptual and practical understanding of general medical terms and various medical specialties including diagnostic testing, anatomy and physiology, pathological processes, and pharmaceuticals. Our staff is trained to handle ALL EMR Platforms and specialties. So whether your practice is in a field such as orthopedics, neurology, chiropractic, gastroenterology, internal medicine, cardiology, radiology, podiatry, pediatrics, etc. we are equipped to efficiently and accurately manage your transcription needs. We deliver quality transcription of medical dictations in the form of medical reports, letters, and memos. This includes data entry, documentation and compilation of reports.


Fail Safe Legal Transcription

Compudex provides legal transcription of video and audio recordings for attorneys nationwide. Our staff of legal transcriptionists are trained in legal terminology to ensure you receive an accurate and error-free transcript. We produce but are not limited to, documents for pleadings, correspondence, motions, discovery, and more.

Allow us to help your practice increase productivity by freeing up your valuable time from typing. You have invested many hours of coaching, training, and motivating your staff to perform important tasks. Have them concentrate on those responsibilities and leave the typing to us!



Fail Safe Business Transcription

Compudex has been a leading provider of business transcription services on a national level for over 30 years. We deliver consistent, accurate business transcription on time, in any format, and at an extremely competitive price. When you partner with Compudex to meet your business transcription needs valuable time for your staff will be regained helping your business to focus on important tasks and operation. Our services will save you time and money, and provide you with increased productivity. We have transcribed business seminars, teleconferences, advisory board meetings, interviews (one-on-one, group, etc.), and many more.


Fail Safe Focus Group Transcription

Compudex can take the recordings from your focus groups, roundtables, or any other setting and transcribe them for your business. And because we know that it is crucial to your business’s success, every one of our transcripts is re-verified, proofread and reviewed for accuracy. We are equipped to transform your one speaker presentation, one-on-one interview or a large focus group into a digital copy in a timely manner.


Fail Safe URL Transcription

Do you have an audio or video file on the internet that you would like transcribed? Perhaps you do a regular video show on youtube that you would like a transcription for or a business conference recording on your website that you would like a typed record of. Compudex can assist you. We have the ability to take any audio or video file from the Internet and transcribe it giving you a digital copy to add to the site.


Fail Safe Writer / Author Assistant

Are you in need of administrative support for your book, magazine or publishing company? Would an extra pair of hands help to get your television movie, film or play to market faster? Compudex is experienced in helping authors bring their works to print. We can research for accuracy, proofread your document, and even help with self-publishing.