Focus Group Transcription

Creating accurate transcripts and documents from focus groups, round tables, and other settings is crucial to the success of your business. It takes skill to separate and capture multiple speakers, and oftentimes diverse points. Professional transcripts from Compudex records all important details and saves you the difficulty of trying to remember or discuss what was communicated at your meeting.

Whether you have a one speaker presentation, one-on-one interview, or a large focus group, we are here to assist you with turning your communications into a digital copy. We provide consistently accurate transcripts and timely delivery. All transcripts are re-verified, proofread, and reviewed for accuracy. Compudex delivers material for letters and reports to be sent to your clients, customers, and shareholders. We give our clients the flexibility of using existing digital content (webinars, podcasts, and dictations), which can be turned into e-books, hard cover or educational courses.

Our highly trained focus group transcriptionists are capable of handling various business transcription requirements in the shortest possible timeframe. Our customized services will satisfy all confidentiality and legal requirements needed for your project. For instance, we will omit using actual names to keep participants anonymous. Hire Compudex today on an hourly, part-time, or contractual basis to handle this tedious aspect of your business where accuracy is mandatory.